The first Monday in a new year…

This year the first Monday was sort of an “all in one” – no more vacation for pupils and workforce alike, snow and rain throughout the country, ugly winds and darkness.

On a Monday like that you try to get some comfort and preferably meet with friends after work.

We did and shared good cigars and pleasant talks of memories past and plans for present and future. I was in the lucky situation to be “awarded” with a currently still too rare cigar from Quai d’Orsay (Cuban) – No. 54 and topped it with a Por Larranga Petit Corona from 2013 (today you can already call this aged).

So life is good and work can continue…


How to spot a lie…

There are currently a few new ads at the Dűsseldorf Airport – as being pictured below.

These pictures tell a lie that is easy to spot.

I have never ever met a man or a woman that is happy to work at the airport. No matter if you are delayed in a connecting flight, if you are extra early because you need to get something managed… no one wants to be at an airport longer than necessary – let alone working there….

Petřìn Lookout Tower Prague 

Usually there is little time beside work to take a trip to or inside Prague – but recently I was lucky, caught an early bus and went to the lookout tower close to the hotel.

The Petřìn Lookout Tower is build after the model of the Eiffeltower – and, fun fact, the two ends are exactly at the same height (on purpose certainly) – and located close to a monastery in the middle of a park.

Beside the tower tour you can also make a little history tour around the monastery and the historic walls. Within the park a few sign posts explaining what you see. To serve the many tourists visiting, there are also restaurants around the monastery and a Lindner hotel. 

The tower itself has around 330 steps and a tiny elevator that costs extra. While the entrance fee is 150 CZK – 5,50 Euro the elevator costs an additional 60 CZK – 2 Euro and does not bring you to the top but to the intermediate level.

One side of the tower is for up, one for down, so the climb up or down is rather convenient – also as additionally small seating spaces are on every other steplevel.

In comparison to the Cologne Cathedral a rather relaxing walk.
The view, however, is very impressive – especially on the top. If you are lucky one of the usually closed windows is open and you can also make cool pictures. 

As I only had my mobile with me, you’ll find room for improvement for the pictures taken 😉

Before I forget – there is also a small streetcar going up the hill, starting outside the monastery area. But if you are not severly obese, ill or handicapped you should not need it.

To look it up in Google:

Not taken from the tower – all right 🙂

Sunshine – where I went!

Niece – what a pleasant city to go to when it is no season. The sunshine hit us the moment we left the plane – a pleasant breeze that got more intense during the day – and a mood in the city to die for.

Coming from cold and rainy Germany the difference is so amazing – and it also is just two hours away (like some Spanish Islands that Getans otherwise tend to go to ;-)).

Prices were fair for such a hot spot, all places friendly, welcoming and with a good service.

A trip into the surrounding mountains was pure fun as well. 

However – there is one point you need to be aware of: you need to speak French. 

Not much maybe, but you won’t survive without (except probably in the 5* locations that are out of budget.

Go to Niece, forget Montecarlo and habe a good time. 

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